Create immersive stories from 360 photo panoramas.

About Presence

Presence is a WebVR experiment to help you create immersive stories combining Google Street View frames, Soundcloud clips, or self-made 360 images.

Try it here or read an in-depth post here

It's as simple as creating a Google Spreadsheet with the story frames.

You can watch the 360 experiences with a Cardboard device, on an Oculus Rift or in your computer or mobile phone; and share them via a url.

You can incorporate 360 equirectangular photos from flickr photos or imgur, google street view locations, self-made 360 equirectangular photos and sounclound clips

Also, you can generate single-frame experiences with just one photo.

Head to the Examples section to learn more about the spreadsheet format used.

Create a Presence experience

Create a Presence experience by copy/paste Google spreadsheet URL into the box below

You must export your spreadsheet with the option "File/Publish to the web..."
See format examples here

Generate experience link


Create a Presence single frame from an image (can be from flickr, imgur or a single equirectangular image link) and a souncloud clip (optional)

Generate experience link

Some examples

Flickr example
Source spreadsheet

Google Streetview example
Source spreadsheet

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